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Legal Services and Debt Collection



Aronis Advogados/Aronis Law Firm

(Global Coverage)

Legal Activities/Creditors Rights. Out of Court and Litigations recovery in all Continents, providing total support for the creditors. We recover debts for the forwarder/freight community


Collection of international B2B claims in Latin America and the Caribbean Basin
Forwarder Networks


Aussie Cargo Alliance
Cargo/Freight Network


LCN - Logistic Cargo Network
Network for Freight Forwarders and Logistics Companies
Twig Logistics Network
Logistics Networking
WCNA - Worldwide Cargo Network Association
Network for Freight Forwarders and Logistics Companies


Cargo Partners Network
Network - Freightforward and Customs Brokers
PCA - Premier Cargo Alliance Ltd
Global Freight Forwarders Network


Magnet Logistics Network
Freight Forwarders Network

Hong Kong

Air Cargo Plus Ltd

Air Cargo Events, Air Cargo Networks, Consulting

African Global Logistics Network

Logistics Networking

ASEAN Focused Cargo Network (AFCN)

ASEAN Focused Cargo Network is a group of reliable and quality-oriented freight forwarders from all over the globe. It stands for “Partnership Networking”, with independent freight forwarder members comprised of the most eager and top-performing in their business.


Innovative Networking

Cold Chain Connect (CCC)

Cold Chain Connect is a global freight alliance of the finest cold chain operators in the world. Our objective is to bring together partners who have the know-how and expertise in moving and handling temperature-controlled products under one roof.

Combined Logistics Networks (CLN)

Combined Logistics Networks (CLN) is a global network of 300 independent international forwarders with global focus and local solutions. Our specialties are to connect strong, independent freight forwarding and logistics outfits and unite you under one solid network.

Global Aircargo Alliance

Global Aircargo Alliance is a new specialized network highly focused in Air Cargo that aims to unify and connect airfreight forwarders from all over the world into one community that builds relationships around solid business solutions. We pride ourselves as the first network to profile companies with Air-Air transshipment capabilities.


Logistics Network


International network for freight forwarding companies

Life Logistics

Life Logistics is a Global Pharmaceutical Logistics Alliance wherein you find top-class Pharmaceutical Logistics providers from all over the world. It's a RW Network launched year 2018.

Global Community of Trusted Projects, Heavy lifts and Break Bulk forwarders
Neptune Cargo Network
Neptune Cargo Network, the Global NVOCC and LCL Cargo Alliance, is the network at the forefront of connecting sea freight professionals operating sea freight consolidations. The network’s size is currently 180+ members from 66 countries and still growing. If you are a sea freight consolidator, this is the network to expand your business partnerships worldwide.
North Star
Network for FCL Forwarders Worldwide
Freight Forwarding Networks & Events
The Freight Summit
The Freight Summit is the first and leading open networking event for independent freight forwarders. Since 2008, TFS has been the reliable and effective conference for connecting different freight forwarding networks that builds strong relationship with other international forwarders. TFS has built its reputation in the industry and since then, it has been attended by more than 300 forwarders and the number of participants increases yearly.
WLA Limited
Logistics Network


GSCA - Global Supply Chain Alliance
Freight Forwarders Network


African Freight Bridge Networks
Freight Forwarders Network


ASA-Air & Sea Association
Forwarding Network


E-Global Logistic Network
International Trade, Networking


Infinite Connection
Network for Freight Forwarders
Freight Forwarder Network

United Kingdom

Ecom Global Network
Ecommerce Global Logistics


Cargo Power Network
Logistics Network
Five Star Logistics Network (5-SLN)
Freight Forwarder Network
Freight Latin American Group
Freight Forwarder Network
Global Value Network
Freight Forwarder Network
Organization of Logistics Professionals
Providing Certifications to Logisticians based on education and experience (after peer review by a independent Certification Board). Enhances career development and professional credibility ...
WWPC Network
International Freight Forwarder and Logistics Specialists Network
Mail Marketing Campaigns


Forwarder Focus Marketing
We provide email marketing services for those who wish to get their company details to more than 60,000 members of the global forwarder/freight community -
Support Services


Forwarder Focus Services
We provide services for those who provide services to the global forwarder/freight community. We provide debt collection services and email marketing campaigns. We founded the service called Forwarder Focus Directory in 2015 -
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